1888 Main Street Building

Demolition and disposal of the 1888 Main Street Building


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date9/24/20 10:00 am

Bid Date10/21/20 10:00 am

Company & Contacts

Hodge Structural Engineers

Joe Vance   (812) 422-2558


401, 403, 409 and 411 Main Street, Mt. Vernon, Indiana 47620


A. Notice to Bidders: Qualified bidders are invited to submit bids for Project as described in this Document according to the Instructions to Bidders.

B. Project Identification: Demolition and disposal of the 1888 Main Street Building.
1. Project Location: 401, 403, 409 and 411 Main Street, Mt. Vernon, Indiana 47620.

C. Owner: City of Mount Vernon.
1. Owner’s Representative: G. William “Bill” Curtis, Mayor, Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Office: 812-838-5576; Cell: 812-760-9189; bcurtis@mountvernon-in.com.

D. Project Description: Project consists of the complete demolition of the property listed above including all actions necessary to:

1. Evaluate, abate, remove and legally dispose of any hazardous materials (including but not limited to asbestos and contaminated soils) located on the property noted; and
2. Demolish the building noted above; and
3. Excavate and remove and legally dispose of contaminated soil; and
4. Remove and legally dispose of all debris; and
5. Patch and/or repair as required adjacent building wall (413 Main St.) to remain which is
common to the building to be demolished; and
6. Provide specified fill and re-grade site; and
7. Surrender to the City upon completion of project.

E. Construction Contract: Bids will be received for the following Work:

1. General Contract (all trades). Lump sum.


A. Owner will receive sealed bids until the bid time and date at the location indicated below. Owner will consider bids prepared in compliance with the Instructions to Bidders issued by Owner, and delivered as follows:

1. Bid Date: October, 21, 2020.
2. Bid Time: 10:00a.m., local time.
3. Location: Board of Public Works and Safety; c/o City of Mt. Vernon Clerk/Treasurer, Office of the City Clerk at 520 Main Street, Mt. Vernon, Indiana 47620.

B. Bids will be thereafter publicly opened and read aloud at the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting on October 22, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.
A. Bid security shall be submitted with each bid in the amount of 10 percent of the bid amount. No bids may be withdrawn for a period of 60 days after opening of bids. Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive informalities and irregularities.


A. A prebid conference for all bidders will be held at 401, 403, 409 and 411 Main Street, Mt. Vernon, Indiana 47620 on September 24, 2020 at 10:00 a.m., local time. Prospective bidders are required to attend.


A. Printed Procurement and Contracting Documents: Obtain by contacting MACO-Evansville Blue. Office: 812-424-2484; Planroom Website: https://www.macoplanroom.com. Documents will be provided to prime bidders only; only complete sets of documents will be issued.
1. Bidder is solely responsible for printing costs.
A. Bidders shall begin the Work on receipt of the Notice to Proceed and shall complete the Work within the Contract Time.

B. Time of completion. Except for the establishment of the lawn, the Contractor shall complete the gross demolition of the structure and removal of all materials and debris in 30 days. The Contractor shall then have 30 days to complete soil remediation, fill, rough grading, final grading and seeding operations. The Owner will deduct a sum of $100.00 from the final payment for each calendar day more than sixty (60). The Owner may consider unusually inclement weather but is under no responsibility to add additional time. As a matter of record, any day that the Contractor may wish to be considered for additional time must be reported to the Owner by noon on the date it occurs and the reason for reporting lost work that day.


A. Bidders must be prequalified by Owner.

B. Bidders must be properly licensed under the laws governing their respective trades and be able to obtain insurance and bonds required for the Work. A Performance Bond, a separate Labor and Material Payment Bond, and Insurance in a form acceptable to Owner will be required of the successful Bidder.

C. The Bidders shall submit to the Owner, proof of 10 years’ experience in successfully completed demolition projects. Bidders shall submit to the Owner, references consisting of a list of successfully completed demolition projects for the previous 5 years similar in size and scope to the proposed project. Reference project list shall be provided with contract amount, project location, name and contact information for the reference project. The Bidders shall also submit a written Demolition Narrative describing, in reasonable detail, the proposed method and sequence of the demolition procedure. The Owner may make such investigations as deemed necessary to determine the ability of the Bidder to perform the work, and the Bidder shall furnish to the Owner any additional information or data for this purpose as the Owner may request. The Owner reserves the right to reject any bid if the evidence submitted by, or investigation of, such Bidder fails to satisfy the Owner that such Bidder is properly qualified to carry out the obligations of the Contract.