Lou Dennis Community Park



Bidding Closed

Prebid Date5/8/20 9:00 am

Bid Date5/27/20 5:30 pm

Company & Contacts


Jason Barisano   (812) 827-3437


402 Park Drive Newburgh, Indiana 47630



A. Notice to Bidders: Bidders are invited to submit bids for Project as described in this Document according to the Instructions to Bidders.

B. Project Identification: Lou Dennis Community Park – Renovation.

1. Project Location: 402 Park Drive Newburgh, Indiana 47630.

C. Owner: Town of Newburgh

1. Owner’s Representative: Andrea Balboni.

D. Architect: Lamar Architecture and Design, Jason Barisano

E. Project Description: Selective demolition, sitework, splash pad, playground, parking area, and building renovation within the existing park property.

F. Construction Contract: Bids will be received for the following Work:

1. General Contract (all trades).


A. Owner will receive sealed bids for all labor, material, and equipment required for the renovation of Lou Dennis Community Park until the bid time and date at the location indicated below. Owner will consider bids prepared in compliance with the Instructions to Bidders issued by Owner, and delivered as follows:

1. Bid Date: May 27.

2. Bid Time: 5:30 p.m., local time.

3. Location: Newburgh Town Hall, 23 West Jennings Street

B. Bids will be thereafter opened publicly.


A. May 8 at project site at 9:00 AM CST. Lou Dennis Park Renovation Town of Newburgh | Indiana


Copies of the plans and specifications may be obtained from MACO-Evansville Blue, 600 Court Street, Evansville, Indiana 47708 (812) 464-8108 or by accessing website using your company’s active account information. If your company is not currently registered, you may do so by clicking “Register for an Account”. Registered account holders may download digital files for a nominal fee.

Contractors may purchase up to three printed sets of bidding documents by paying a refundable deposit of $50.00 per set ordered. Deposit checks shall be made payable to Lamar Architecture & Design.

a) Amount of the deposit for up to one (1) set of bidding documents may be refunded in full when the plans and specifications have been returned to MACO – Evansville Blue within ten (10) days after time set for receiving bids and in good re-usable condition. If the plans and specifications are returned after the (10) day period or in un-usable condition, the deposit will be forfeited.

b) One (1) set of bidding documents consists of one (1) project manual and one (1) complete set of drawings.

Contractors are required to be registered plan holders to submit a bid for any package(s). Addenda will only be issued to registered recipients of the Bidding documents. Contractors may share electronic access with subcontractors for bidding purposes.


A. Bidders shall begin the Work on receipt of the Notice to Proceed and shall complete the Work within the Contract Time of 240 Days.


A. Each Contractor is required to file prior to or with his bid, per Bid Package, a Bid Bond or Certified Check in the amount of 5% of the Base Bid, made out to the Owner.


a. A bidder may not withdraw his bid for a period of sixty (60) days after the date set for the opening thereof. Lou Dennis Park Renovation Town of Newburgh | Indiana

b. It is the Owner’s goal to encourage the participation of Disadvantaged Business entities (SDVOB, MBE, WBE, etc).

c. Project is Tax-Exempt.

d. Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids and waive any and all informalities if the prepared bid does not meet the Contracting Requirements

e. Each bidder shall visit the site of the proposed work and become fully acquainted wit conditions as they exist so the Bidder may fully understand the facilities, difficulties, and restrictions related to the execution of the work under contract. Bidder shall also thoroughly examine and be familiar with the Drawings and Project Manual. Failure or omission of any Bidder to receive or examine any form, instrument or document or to visit the site and to become acquainted with existing conditions shall in no way relieve the Bidder from any obligation with respect to the Bidder’s Bid Proposal.

f. The Architect shall not be responsible for oral, telephonic instructions or any other verbal explanations or interpretations of the Construction Documents. Every request for such in-terpretation shall be made via email to Jason Barisano, AIA at jbarisano@lamar-arch.com. No inquiry received within 3 days of the date fixed for opening of the Bids will be given consideration. Every interpretation made to a Bidder shall be in the form of an Addendum to the Contract Documents which, if issued, shall be sent as promptly as is practical to all persons to whom Contract documents have been issued. All such Addenda shall become part of the Contract Documents and must be acknowledged on the Bid Proposal Form as having been received and included as part of the Bid Proposal.

Bidding Schedule

Bid Documents Released: April 28, 2020
Pre-Bid Meeting: May 8, 2020
Addendum #1: May 8, 2020
Addendum #2: May 15, 2020
Addendum #3: May 22, 2020
Final Day for Questions: May 24, 2020
Addendum #4: May 25, 2020
Bid Date : May 27, 2020