Fort Massac Water District

Southland Subdivision Water Main Extension


Bidding Closed

Bid Date2/13/19 10:00 am


Neikirk Engineering, LLC


Fort Massac Water District, 813 Joppa Road, Metropolis, IL 62960

Bids will be received for construction of approximately 3,540’ of 4” water main, with valves, hydrants, services and miscellaneous connections and other appurtenant items.

BIDS will be received by the Fort Massac Water District (herein called the OWNER), at the Water district Office until 11:00 A. M., Central Standard Time, February 13, 2019, and then at said location publicly opened and read aloud.

Each BID must be in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Fort Massac Water District at PO Box 491, 813 Joppa Road, Metropolis, IL 62960. Each sealed envelope containing a BID must be plainly marked on the outside as BID for Southland Subdivision Water Main Extension and each envelope should bear on the outside the name of the BIDDER, his address, his license number if applicable and the name of the project for which the BID is submitted. If forwarded by mail, the sealed envelope containing the Bid must be enclosed in another envelope addressed to the OWNER at the above address.

Printed or electronic copies of the Bid Documents, Plans and Specifications may be obtained by registering as a plan holder and placing orders at, by calling 812-464-8108 or in person at MACO – Evansville Blue, 600 Court Street, Evansville, IN 47708. Electronic files may be downloaded for a non-refundable fee of $25. Copies of addenda which may be issued for this project will be included with the purchased documents and will be forwarded to all plan holders of record.